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Vegetation Management, Reinvented.

Earth Force is your partner for creating fire-safe communities, and for generating safe, high-productivity jobs in the vegetation management industry.

The Challenge

Years of devastating wildfires make it clear that the pace and scale of vegetation management need to be dramatically increased.

Keeping communities and infrastructure safe requires multiplying the amount of vegetation management work that is getting done, but the industry can barely keep up much less grow. Worse, the work is dangerous, dirty, and often far from home. 

Image by Marcus Kauffman
Image by Matt Artz

The Solution

The Earth Force Vegetation Management System (VMS) is a connected, intelligent platform for getting vegetation management work done. 

The productivity of every participant in a vegetation management project is multiplied, and the quality of people’s jobs is radically increased. Continue reading for more information on the elements of the Earth Force VMS.


 Earth Force delivers vegetation management at the pace and scale you need.


Grow your vegetation management business.


Reach more customers for your forestry and vegetation management tools.

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Meet the Earth Force team
and learn what motivates us.

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